Sunday, August 6, 2017

Designs by Audley from 1915

"To be conspicuously elegant presupposes a cultivated body. But the secret of economy and art in dress lies in the selection of suitable materials, simple designs and conservative fashions." Farnsworth
"The shoulders are made to appear broader than the hips; the waist, which should be 96.5 per cent of the height, is out of proportion." Farnsworth
"Nothing is so glaring as the latest novelty. Earrings are a relic of barbarism and chains that serve no purpose should be avoided." Farnsworth
"Summer gowns that are always beautiful. 'Half an artist's life is spent in learning what to look for, how to distinguish the essential, the characteristic, and how to eliminate the rest.' Farnsworth
"For the short, stout woman, waists and belts must be modeled with point back and front and the lines of ornament should flow downward." Farnsworth