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       When I was a small child, I began my artistic pursuits by coloring in the fashion plates that were printed in the weekly Sunday paper. Because newsprint has become far less common, little girls everywhere must find their fashion inspirations on the web. So this little blog is dedicated especially to them.  
       Reading content on this blog is 5th grade level for those teachers using my web blog for classroom art and literacy assignments.
       Do not use the fashion plates for publications that promote hate speech, pornography, gambling, or any other unlawful activities. It is also unethical to republish content in order to drive traffic onto pages that promote criminal activity.  Derivative works here have been restored by me,  Kathy Grimm, from Public Domain Resources and then returned to the Public Domain for creative personal use only. Do not burn the graphics to a CD collection, sell them as is, or include them in any other online collection of clip art.
       Do not hotlink to the web graphics, fashion plates, photographs or illustrations. The purpose for generating this collection is to provide printing materials for arts/crafts, education and human interest articles online. If you are writing on the web and would like to include an image within the context of a real article, and are uncertain about these terms, write to me and ask. Hotlinking is bandwidth theft
       Do not use the content of this blog for third party profits. In other words, do not upload it into your own web collections and then advertise next to the content for your own profit. 
       For further inquiry or special permissions you may contact me at pickandprintgallery@yahoo.com If you use these public domain resources please include a text link back to the collection. This common courtesy is much appreciated.
       I do not sell larger versions of the jpgs. folks; what you see is what you get. 
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This blog is being developed for education purposes on the web by Missouri state certified teachers. Students are encouraged to read and freely create: reports, observations, journal pages, scrapbooks, dioramas, paper dolls etc... from content maintained here.